Young Children-Priority One Committee Projects
Projects Description
Child Safety Days At public venue in the Oceanside area, fingprint and a digitally photograph any child and provide the parents with hard copy and child safety information kit.
Book Distribution Distribute books in Community Clinics.
Head Start Reading Read and provide free books weekly.
Miracle Mile of Quarters Collect at least $1,000 for Children's Hospital.
Kids Christmas Party Provide a party and toys to the children of the Head Start programs in Oceanside.
Head Start Events Organize Halloween, Easter and end of the year parties.
Preemie Knitting Project Knit caps, booties and blankets for preemies at Tri-City Hospital.
Child Safety in the Oceanside Unified School District Provide the parents or guardians of every second grader in the Oceanside Unified School District and other schools with a safety kit from the Amber foundation along with the child's finger prints and a digital photo. The target each year is to r all of the elementary schools.
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