Tideliner Pricing

For the Tideliner supporters or advertisers, the costs are $10 per month for a business card size ad (defined as 350 pixels wide x 200 pixels deep) in all three forms of the Tideliner. Advertizers who buy 5 months will get one month free. Advertizers who buy 10 months will get otwo months free. The Tideliner is distributed by:

1. E-mail to all OPK members weekly
2. Hard copies are available at each weekly Club meeting; and
3. The weekly Tideliner is published as part of the Club's web site.

Advertisers and sponsors who contribute $80 or more in any one year will have their business size card placed into the Advertisers Section of the Club's web page at no additional charge. There is no charge to advertisers to link their business card size ad to their web site.
Contact R. J. Williamson at (760) 757-4199 for more information

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