Tideliner Back Issues for 2014
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MONTH Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
January 1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th
February 5th 12th 19th 26th
March 5th 12th 19th 26th  
April 2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th
May 7th 14th 21st 28th
June 4th 11th 18th 25th
July 2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th
August 6th 13th 20th 27th
September 3rd 10th 17th 24th
October 1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th
November 5th 12th 19th 26th  
December 3rd 10th 17th 24th
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